The Book of Romans is considered by many to be the Crown on the Head of the New Testament, it is a book that starts in its first seven chapters to reveal the terrible state of the lost man, wether Gentile or Jew. And the Jewel in the Crown is chapter eight, where Paul finally gives the hope of salvation and the mentions the Holy Spirit for the first time, finally there is a way to God.

The central three chapters, nine to eleven, explain that God has not forgotton His people Israel and that He will keep His promises to them. The last chapters cover Christian Living, where Paul explains what being a Christian should entail.

The Book finally ends in the wonderful chapter sixteen, as Paul closes his Epistle by greeeting, commending, and expressing his love for a whole list of Christians in Rome (some of whom it is very suprising to hear of), and tells of Pheobe who, 'smuggled the glorious epistle to the Romans in the folds of her skirts'.

Lesson 1

Introduction to The Book of Romans & Romans 1:1-4

Lesson 2

Romans 1:5-15

Lesson 3

Romans 1:14-23

Lesson 4

Romans 1:24-2:15

Lesson 5

Romans 2

Lesson 6

Romans 3 part 1

Lesson 7

Romans 3 part 2

Lesson 8

Romans 4

Lesson 9

Romans 5:1-11

Lesson 10

Romans 5:12-21

Lesson 11

Romans 6

Lesson 12

Romans 7

Lesson 13

Romans 8:1-12

Lesson 14

Romans 8:12-39

Lesson 15

Romans 9

Lesson 16

Romans 10

Lesson 17

Romans 11

Lesson 18

Romans 12

Lesson 19

Romans 13

Lesson 20

Romans 14

Lesson 21

Romans 15

Lesson 22

Romans 16