The Life of Christ

Personally I do not believe that there is a more valuable lesson for the Christian to learn than 'The Life of Christ'.

As we discussed in our class on Biblical Christianity, we as Christians do not follow man's ideas, or a denomination, or a church, or a preacher, not even the Bible as a book, but what the Bible tells us about a person, Jesus Christ.

We need to desire a personal relationship with Jesus, not just head knowledge, but a relationship as we would have between husband and wife, a close knowing of that persons heart that can only come through a true relationship, getting to know them deeply and loving them.

In this class we will cover some portraits of Christ as an introduction, the move onto His Pre-existance, then look over the prophecies concerning Christ before we move onto the Christ of obscurity, the ministering Christ, the suffering Christ, the Risen Christ and finally the Glorified and Returning Christ.

Lesson 1

Portraits of Christ 1

Portraits of Christ 2

Lesson 2

The Pre-Existant Christ

The Prophetic Christ

Lesson 3

The Birth of Christ

The Baptism of Christ

Lesson 4

Jesus meets a His disciples part 1

Jesus teaches in Judea

Lesson 5

Jesus meets His disciples part 2

Jesus heals on the Sabbath

Lesson 6

Jesus' later Galilean ministry

John the Baptist's delegation

John the Baptist commended

Lesson 7

The Gaderene Voyage

The afflicted woman and Jairus' daughter

Lesson 8

The Year of Opposition

The defection of disciples

Lesson 9

The Healing of the Demonic Son

Humility, Catholicity and Forgivness

Lesson 10

The Seventy Sent Out

Lesson 11

The Good Shepherd

Lesson 12

The Prodigal Son

Lesson 13

His Sufferings Foretold

Lesson 15

The Last Week of Christ-Sunday to Wednesday

Lesson 16

The Great Commandment

Lesson 17

Judas Iscariot

Lesson 18

The Lord's Intercessory Prayer

Lesson 19

The Crucifixion

Lesson 20

The Lords Ascension